Peripera NEW All Take Mood Technique Palette No.3 My Autumn Mood swatch / Autumn Eyeshadow palette

Author : joohky

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Today, I’ll be introducing Peripera’s All-Take Mood Technique Palette No. 3 My Autumn Mood and show you an eye-swatch of all the colors.

Being that this is a very versatile eyeshadow palette,
I also want to recommend it to those who are looking for a good multi-functional eyeshadow palette.

I hope you enjoy my video! —̳͟͞͞♥

00:00 - Greeting
00:11 - Product info
00:31 - Arm swatch
00:47 - Glitters
01:23 - Eyeshadow swatch
03:32 - Side thought
03:49 - Recommendations
04:18 - Closing

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