Kombucha ! Kombucha Beauty products? Vegan Kombucha Skin Care products & drinks.

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In addition to detoxifying toxins,
Kombucha is said to help improve intestinal health, immunity, digestion, blood vessel health, and antioxidants,
so it is beneficial to your health in various ways.

Today, I will be taking a look at cosmetics made with the use of Kombucha, which is good for our health,
and introduce this kombucha drink that I’ve been enjoying recently.

I hope you enjoy my video! —̳͟͞͞♥

00:00 - Greeting
00:16 - What is Kombucha?
00:44 - T’else
01:41 - Dr. Ceuracle
02:33 - Juice to Cleanse
03:28 - Elishacoy
04:21 - Herbloom
05:24 - Products by Efficacy
06:07 - Favorite Kombucha
06:43 - Side thought
07:19 - Closing

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