Latest HIT in Korea | The Saem True Fit Fixer Cushion all shade swatch / how to & tips / lastingness

Author : joohky

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I watched recently praised The Saem’s True Fit Fixer cushion as being very good,
and in actuality it seems to be quite popular in Korea,
so I got curious as well and tried it out.

So today, I’ll be introducing all the shades of The Saem’s True Fit Fixer Cushion and show you they all look as I try them on.
I hope you enjoy my video! —̳͟͞͞♥

00:00 - Greeting
00:20 - Product introduction
01:21 - Coverage
01:31 - Smear test
02:19 - Lastingness
02:41 - Swatch
03:45 - Shade comparison
04:24 - Side thought
05:21 - Closing

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