SKIN1004 Hyalu-Cica line | Cooling & Soothing & Mositurizing day & night skin care routine

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Hey guys, it’s me Aego!
Today, I brought with me some products that can provide moisture to dry skin all day long.

Since these products are effective not only for moisturizing but also for soothing, if you need moisture and soothing on a daily basis, please stay tuned.

00:00 - Greeting
00:17 - Product introduction
01:16 - Toner
02:11 - Toner [How to&Tip]
02:58 - Serum
03:41 - Serum [How to&Tip]
04:23 - Sleeping Pack
05:22 - Sleeping Pack [How to&Tip]
06:39 - Order of use
06:50 - Day&Night skin care routine

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Hope you guys enjoy the video????❤

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