What Toners do you use ? / Liquid , Essence , Ampoule , Cream etc | how to / tips / recommendations

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Hey guys, it’s me Aego!
Today, we’ll be taking some time to learn about the various different formulations that toner may have, how they can be used, and also some tips.

[Liquid Toner]
Hyper-Fit Balancing Toner
150ml / ₩27,000
Blueberry Rebalancing Skin
150ml / ₩8,000

[Viscos Muscus Toner]
Wonder Ceramide Mocci Toner
500ml / ₩11,900
Misa Gumsul Skin (before renewal)
Red Rice Essential Skin Softener
150ml / ₩37,000

[#Essencetoner ]
Rice Pure Essential Toner
200ml / ₩28,000
Safe me. Relief Essence Toner
400ml / ₩28,000

[#Ampouletoner ]
Cica Peptide Ampoule Toner
130ml / ₩32,000
Mechnikov’s Probiotics Formula Hydrating Toner
133ml / ₩35,000

[#Creamtoner ]
Cream Skin Refiner (Sample)
Phyto Ground Purifying Cream Toner
200ml / ₩19,600

Hope you guys enjoy the video????❤

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