Our One & Only Shadow Palette, CLIO's Pro Eye Palette came back with Aespa!

As you know, the gorgeous combinations have nothing to say more, they are just perfect as they are.

But, the 2021 versions have upgraded from pigmentation to texture with a total of three options.

Moreover, all members of Aespa picked up their own fav one,

so why don't we run to watch and talk about the wonderful palettes?!

Awwe, I almost forgot to tell you guys that you can watch a video for more detailed about them!

First, #11 Walking on the Cosy Alley is Winter's pick!

This deep yet soft brown palette has a warm mood 

as if you're drinking a latte in the café in the afternoon.

Ningning and Giselle's pick, #12 Autumn Breeze in Seoul Forest,

will make you feel cozy sunshine under the full of autumn trees.

It looks slightly more deeper and reddish than #11.

Karina picked #13 Picnic by the Sunset which has a sensual combination of mauve shades.

As its name, we can go on a picnic under the mellow moon just with this palette!

Can you imagine how luminous they are?

I get excited imagining that we're walking together in alley 

under the clear sunshine and romantic sky

where circles around the smells of warm bread and coffee!

Which one is your pick among these new beautiful palettes?

Let me know in the comment and Hope you have a peaceful day!


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