You must hear the news that LANEIGE has released their new foundations!

Those are Neo Foundation Matte and Glow!!

So, I wanna talk with you guys about your favorite base makeup style!

For those who are curious about them, I'm gonna introduce them with more details!

Of course, you can watch videos on JOOHKY channel on YouTube!

Neo Foundation Matte which came out first has a beautiful mint-colored package.

Micro-fine foundation particles seamlessly adhere to the skin

and keep the silky and smooth skin expression for a long and long time!

It comes with 8 different shades for various skin tones.

LANEIGE says the foundation covers redness, pores, and uneven skin tone with just one touch.

Plus, it leaves no sticky or greasy feeling at all thanks to the 3-layered gel formula!

Next, Neo Foundation Glow comes in a luminous pink package!

Liquid Dimond™ of the glow foundation makes the skin elaborately glow at any angle.

And it functions double-effect of moisturizing and smoothing skin texture.

Thus, the naturally luminous glow skin adhesion lasts all day long without darkening.

With micro-fine particles, silky and glowing texture smoothly spreads onto the skin

and leaves a moist and fresh finish without a stuffy feeling because it contains 72% of essence ingredients!

Yes, it also comes with 8 different shades as Neo Foundation Matte!

Though they're different finishes, matte and glow,

there're some common things between them!

First, both two have magnetic caps!

This unique cap allows you open and close the foundation more easily and comfortably.

And Water Color Solution™ helps them elaborately and naturally adhere to the skin

like watercolor for a pure and bright skin expression for a long time almost about 48 hours.

Last is Electro-filter™ which protects your skin from a lot of environmental stress factors!

This technology protects your skin from urban outside elements such as fine dust and blue light.

While it keeps your skin strong against external damages,

Panthenol and Microbiome take care of irritation and dead skin

to maintain a healthy, brilliant skin texture, condition, and balance!

I love matte foundations, but Neo Foundation Glow attracts me with its adorable pink!

And as winter is coming, so I think it is pretty good to change my foundation to glow one.

How about you?

Leave a comment below about your pick and share your favorite base makeup style :)

I'm gonna hurry up and end it today because I have to run out to buy Neo Foundation Glow!

Hope you have a wonderful day and Write your reviews of them♡


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