Most of you guys use a toner at the first step of your skincare routine!

But, which type of toner do you use?

As you know, there's a lot of formulations of toner.

If you are curious more about it, watch the video on JOOHKY channel on YouTube!

Then, let's talk all about toners!

* Liquid Toner - Most commonly used type & Water-like formulation!

Good for cleaning off the dead skin as second cleansing.

Star products - FEEV Hyper-Fit Balancing Toner,

innisfree Blueberry Rebalancing Skin

* Viscous  Toner -  A bit viscous!

Excellent for toner packs to deeply moisturize skin from deep inside.

Star products - TONYMOLY Wonder Cermamide Mochi Toner,

MISSHA Misa Gumsul Skin,

Hanyul Red Rice Essential Skin Softener

* Essence Toner - Boost up skin! With enriched nutrients,

effective in controlling the general skin conditions.

Star products - THANK YOU FARMER Rice Pure Essential Toner,

MAKE P:REM Safe Me. Relief Essence Toner

* Ampoule Toner - Highly concentrated. Better for dry skin type rather than oily skin.

Star products - DR.OHKIMS+ Cica Peptide Ampoule Toner,

HOLIKA HOLIKA Mechnikov’s Probiotics Formula Hydrating Toner

* Cream Toner - Deep moisturized and nourished, but non-heavy finish!

Star products - LANEIGE Cream Skin Refiner,

ROOTREE Phyto Ground Purifying Cream Toner

What is your favorite toner formulation among them?

Leave a comment about your pick-me-up toner!

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